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5 Brussels’ Instagrammers To Keep Your Eye On

Last Updated on March 22, 2023

Today, I introduce you to 5 Brussels Instagrammers that have the capital of Belgium as their main subject. Both official organizations and private Instagrammers made it to my list.

We Love Brussels

We Love Brussels is a creative magazine and a digital community at the same time with a specific purpose: the website serves as a witness and a reminder of how beautiful the Belgian capital can be. Their Instagram account contains the most gorgeous pictures of places in and around Brussels. Moreover, you can not only see very famous areas in the Belgian capital such as the Grand Place but also locations that are virtually unknown.

Visit Brussels

Visit Brussels is the website of the official tourism office of Brussels. No wonder then, that they choose high-quality pictures (both of professional and non-professional photographers) of the most popular and touristic places in and around the Belgian capital. If you have never been to Brussels and want to know what it looks like, this can be a really nice introduction.


This Romanian Belgian succeeds in rediscovering Brussels over and over again. However, given the fact that she is a digital nomad, her account features other places around the world as well.

TAKEAWAY:  Her Instagram account has actually become so popular, that the BBC considers her to be their on-location photographer!

S Marks the Spots

Another expat made it to this list, this time from Greece. The major players on S Marks The Spots are nature (don’t forget the many parks in Brussels!) and architecture and … food! Let’ s face it, Belgian foods are one of the main reasons why you visit this country! A really gorgeous profile. The person behind this account is an avid traveller, so expect other destinations to pop up amongst her pictures. Currently, she lives in the Belgian capital and has a great time exploring it.

Brussels Urban Legends

Even if you have lived here for some time – like yours truly – you can still learn something by perusing this account. This is my favourite because it looks at Brussels from a different point of view: the urban legends. Check out Brussels Urban Lelgends’ website, but be aware that it is mainly written in French, though some parts are translated into Dutch and English.

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About Ingrid Dendievel

Ingrid Dendievel is a Belgian teacher, blogger and photographer. She loves to travel with her Danish fiancé, and they both enjoy tasting local foods and drinks. You will never see her without her Nikon D7100.

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  1. A Belgian Instagrammer

    That’s quite a nice Top 5 if it wasn’t for that one account that has a whole lot of fake followers. She has nice photos and a nice feed overall but you can’t possibly have that little likes and comments for that many followers. Too bad some people feel the need to ‘cheat’ to become instafamous 😉

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