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New York City is the most populous city in the United States with over 8’5 million inhabitants. This has won her the name of “the melting pot,” in reference to the many and various cultures that blend on its streets. That’s why food lovers everywhere have crowned NYC as one of the foodie capitals of the world. With delectable street food bites and exquisite flavors to taste in each and every corner, any visitor would need help to successfully navigate the five boroughs.

Discover NYC food

Travel for Food Hub’s team of foodie travelers has gathered the best travel tips, food inspirations, restaurants choices, etc. to help you discover the most delicious side of New York. Tour the city tracing back the steps of Carrie Bradshaw and dine at some of the restaurants from “Sex and the City.” Have a stroll through some of the incredible food markets or become a real New Yorker for a day by tasting all the typical street foods. Finally, for some extra help and invaluable insider tips, follow our selection of the top food bloggers and food Instagrammers in New York City.

Read on, and we will make sure that the next time you visit “the city that never sleeps,” you’ll enjoy the ultimate foodie experience. Enjoy!

Close-up of friends toasting with tropical blended fruit cocktails you should try in New York.

7 Signature Cocktails You Should Try in New York

Without a doubt, New York City is one of the most exciting cultural hubs in the world. Brimming with exciting activities and sightseeing opportunities, this is a place too vast and expansive for you to experience it in a single trip. And for your next visit, we are gonna help …

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Buildings around Madison Square Park, where some of the best restaurants in New York City are.

Best Five Restaurants in New York City

Deciding where to eat on a trip to New York can be overwhelming with thousands of delicious food options throughout the city. While street vendors and holes in the wall can be cheap and satisfying, nothing beats a true upscale fine dining experience. These five restaurants in New York City …

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Coffe cup over coffee beans, spices, chocolate and other coffee foods.

8 Must-Try Coffee Foods You’ll Find in New York

The city of New York is one of the most beautifully diverse places in America. It is a melting pot of cultures with people from all over the world coming here and contributing their little bit towards making this full of life city their own. The food in New York, …

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Vegan jackfruit tacos from some of the best vegan restaurants in New York.

5 Vegan Restaurants In New York You Should Try

The concept of vegetarianism (or veganism) has been in the human culture for centuries. Initially, it was adopted by religions like Buddhism and Hinduism with the aim to show mercy towards animals. In the recent past, this concept achieved worldwide popularity mainly on the basis of its potential health benefits. …

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Vegan taqueria in Brooklyn

Brooklynites Flock to Black Flamingo: A Restaurant Review

Williamsburg is undoubtedly the hippest neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. Vibrant with diversity while thriving with young people hungry for fun experiences, you’re bound to find the trendiest restaurants. And we did! Black Flamingo is a destination spot, the only vegan taqueria in Brooklyn and one of the best vegan restaurants …

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Pastrami sandwiches from Katz’s Delicatessen, one of the most iconic movie restaurants in NYC

5 Iconic Movie Restaurants Around The World

Have you ever been watching a film and seen an amazing restaurant that you’d love to eat at? Or stared in envy as your favourite film stars devour a delicious-looking dessert? Unfortunately, most of these places don’t exist, and a lot of the food we see in films has been …

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Three hot dogs and chips on a table. They are the best Food in NYC

The Best Food in NYC: An Insider’s Guide – Infographic

New York City may be one of the largest cities in the United States, but it is also renowned for its food. With such a large, diverse population comes a plethora of dishes to eat. Whether you have a sweet tooth, prefer foods that are savory or have cravings somewhere …

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Young people celebrating St. Patrick's Day at a bar with green drinks and accessories.

Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations Around The World

Saint Patrick’s is a holiday marked in millions of people’s calendars around the world. Celebrated every 17th of March, Saint Patrick’s Day commemorates the death of the patron saint of Ireland (who was, in fact, British) and the arrival of Christianity to the country. However, what began as a religious …

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sushi restaurants in Long Island

5 Best Sushi Restaurants in Long Island

New York is constantly burgeoning with new sushi restaurants, and Long Island is no exception. But what separates the good locales from the best? To the novice or occasional sushi eater, this can be a tricky question. If there’s one thing that all sushi lovers can agree on, it’s that …

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