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5 Unique Dessert Ideas for Weddings

Unique Dessert Ideas for Weddings

Plenty of couples are changing the traditional wedding cake for a variety of mouthwatering wedding desserts instead. A four-tier sugary confection may sound boring and not very appealing for your perfect day. Why not considering more modern and unique dessert options? If you want to take your reception menu to the next level, you may want to choose a fun …

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4 Delicious Food Ideas for Garden Parties

Food Ideas for Garden Parties

Garden parties can range from playful to elegant. Deciding what kind of garden party you want to have is the first thing you want to do. Some ideas are a tea party, a halloween homemade food party or a street food garden party. You want your guests to mingle and have the choice of standing or sitting as they eat …

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A Guide to Planning an Afternoon Tea Party at Home

Afternoon Tea

When you hear the term ‘afternoon tea’, it is generally treated as the British tradition. However, it is now known that it was first used in China, and it was due to Duchess Anna that tea was introduced to Queen Catherine. You can imagine Dukes and Duchesses sitting around the table in 18th century England, and enjoying a cup of …

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Best Ways to Decorate a Cake for Your Wedding Day

How to decorate a cake. Elegant white wedding cake with pink roses during wedding reception.

A wedding day is one of the most important events of the couple’s life. It is a memorable day when a loving couple gets united in marriage. Depending on the culture, they commemorate this day with traditional customs and rituals. The wedding ceremony is celebrated with marriage vows, presentation of gifts like jewelry and flowers. There are also some symbolic items like rings …

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4 Awesome Hello Kitty DIY Birthday Cakes That Any Fan Will Love

Little girl eating Hello Kitty DIY birthday cakes

Created by Yuko Shimizu in 1974 Hello Kitty has been one of Japan’s most significant cultural exports (alongside Godzilla, Pokemon, and sushi). Her spunky attitude has made fans the world over. Currently designed by Yuko Yamaguchi and over her forty years, Hello Kitty remains just as cute, spunky, and comes with a line of products that encompass everything from clothing …

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