How Is Mankind Turning to RVs To Save Their Summer Travel Plans from The Pandemic?

How Is Mankind Turning to RVs To Save Their Summer Travel Plans from The Pandemic?

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

After the thrilling exercise of finding an ideal destination to tour, among the first objectives is figuring out how you will get there. There are several travel options, and using recreational vehicles (RVs) is typically becoming common.

Almost everyone is resorting to the use of RVs as compared to other means of travel. But you may ask why are RVs increasingly becoming popular? Well, below are some of the reasons why, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, people seem to prefer RVs. 

Travel More and Spend Less


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Recreational Vehicle Industry Association reported that vacations are 23-59% less expensive for families that own RVs. Most families will save close to around 55% while traveling in their RV. In turn, it allows the vacationers to spend more time on the road traveling throughout the year and touring many places. These other destinations would not be explored if people stayed in hotels and paid high fees. It is one primary reason why people are transitioning to the use of RVs. 

Room to Roam

Some RVs are quite spacious and safe. Anyone can sleep comfortably in the RV, unlike traveling in an ordinary car where you will not be comfortable to sleep. With RVs, you also have room to stretch in the vehicle when covering long distances. They are far more convenient and safe than flying or traveling by car. With an RV, you will camp out in the open, and your kids will have enough room to play soccer or any other exciting game.  

Avoid Unpacking and Repacking


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One of the primary reasons people are going for RVs is that there is no stress in packing while switching locations. Almost everything stays in one place during the entire itinerary. It is unlike a rental or a hotel where you have to pack and unpack everything you have, which can be stressful.

Even though you may require some packing with RV, you cannot compare the convenience it provides compared to car trips or flying. Again with RV, your stuff is safe since you do not have to carry it along from one place to the other. Everything remains intact in the vehicle, so you do not have to worry about leaving some clothes behind as in a hotel room.

Enough Family Time


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RV trips technically mean more family time. Road trips in RVs provide the avenue for extra family time, which keeps your kids joyful and entertained every time. It means everything is accomplished inside the camper, and things are done communally. Doing things together and staying close keeps the family bond tight. There are many fun and exciting activities you can do as a family at the park or the campground and share memorable moments. 

Minimal Risk of Illness or Germs

While using other travel methods, you risk being exposed to illnesses and germs, moving in a camper reduces that risk significantly. At a time like this during the pandemic, you can easily social distance your family from close contact with other people. Most RVs will also have a fridge, kitchen, bathroom, and a roof rack to increase the carrying capacity. It makes it easy to cook your own food and maintain hygiene avoiding unnecessary stops along the way.

Joining the RV Community

Camper travels are ideal for people who love socializing. Well, humans are social beings in nature, which makes people transition to RVs, as there are more opportunities to meet new people. For a plethora of reasons, fellow camper travelers are generally welcoming even to their campgrounds.

RV trips will enable you to make new friends from diverse parts of the world and nurture strong bonds. The RV community also travels as a caravan sometimes, which means you are very safe as you are in a fleet of several cars.

Home Away from Home

RVs present a wide range of amenities that you cannot easily find in hotels or tent camping. These include amenities such as a bathroom, kitchen, and a personal bed. It means you are very safe at night while on the camping grounds as you do not have to go outside to visit the bathroom.

With a recreational vehicle, you also set the temperatures on the AC. You can remain cool on a sunny day and quite warm on a cold night. If you would like to hang out the RV, some have an outdoor kitchen and an awning to enable you to make a temporary shaded ‘patio.’

Flexibility and Freedom


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Most people are transitioning to RV to attain flexibility in their itineraries. With a recreational vehicle, there is an intangible benefit, which is freedom. You have the opportunity to change plans mid-way and head over to another stunning destination of choice. With a hotel booking, it is categorically not possible to change the itinerary. In a recreational vehicle, you can also adjust your speeds and spend more time at a destination since you are in full control of the trip.

Many travelers are resorting to RVs as they have several advantages compared to other means of touring the country. Some have also made RVing a lifestyle, which turns out to be far much safer than living in congested apartments or expensive hotels.

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