7 Cooking techniques for Kitchen Beginners

7 Cooking techniques for Kitchen Beginners

Last Updated on May 24, 2023

To keep a balanced diet, the greater the variety of foods and the way we prepare them, the better. I listed seven different cooking techniques and the benefits of each one so you can choose the ones that best match what you have in your fridge and your state of mind.

1. Cooking in water

Cooking in water the food preserves most of the nutrients and doesn’t need the fat of oil or butter.

Method: to make a broth, for example, place the food in a deep pan, fill it with water and cook over low heat, this will allow you to keep all the flavors of the food. If you choose to put the same foods in a pot of boiling water, the broth will be less flavorful. But it won’t change the cooking, just the flavor.

Best foods: meats, chicken and vegetables .

Benefit: all meats and vegetables do not gain extra fat when they are made this way. This is also a practical method for those who are starting to cook.

2. Steam cooking

With this method, the father of the family does not lose any nutrients!

Method: the easiest way is with the special support for steaming. There are two pans that fit together, the bottom one holds the boiling water and the top one holds the food to be cooked. If you don’t have the right pan, it’s worth getting a larger pan to put the boiling water in and another one on top (with the food) that should be well supported by the bottom one. A pasta colander for the top pot might work. The seasoning should be done at the end of the preparation.

Best foods to steam: vegetables and more delicate foods like fish, for example sole.

Benefit: the food loses few, if any, nutrients. The vegetables are also more al dente, which preserves the fibers.

3. Braising

There’s a different amount of time spent cooking each food. In general, the bigger, the longer. It is important that all pieces of an ingredient to be sautéed are the same size.

Method: Sauteing is frying food, stirring all the time and quickly with just a little hot fat to give it color, flavor and texture. The important thing is not to fry by immersion, that is, not to cover the food with fat (which can be oil, olive oil or butter). Use just enough fat to coat the food to be sautéed.

Best Foods:  zucchini, chayote, tomato, eggplant, and vegetables like spinach, arugula, chicory. Ground beef and chicken.

Benefit: as they have little added fat, it is a very healthy method. Food maintains fiber preservation and can be more al dente or softer, depending on the family’s preference.

4. Frying

Is that recipe you want to prepare using frying? You don’t have to give up on her for that.

Method: place the oil in the pan or frying pan and wait until it gets very hot (to see if it’s just right, drop a piece of food into the pan and make sure it’s bubbling. If it is, the oil will be heated just right). Then put the food (which must be dry) in the pan and remove it as soon as it turns golden brown. I’m pretty sure that all kitchen essentials are available in your kitchen, right?

Best foods to fry: cassava , potatoes , breaded eggplant , chicken.

Benefits: when oil is placed in a frying pan, it can release free radicals, which are harmful to our body and cause inflammation. To mitigate these effects, it is best to opt for oils with a good smoke point, which take longer to oxidize, such as corn, soy or peanut.

5. Roasting

A good batch of bread or vegetables leaves the house with a delicious aroma even more delicious!

Method: place the cut and seasoned food in a greased baking dish and place it in the oven. Roasting time depends on each recipe, meats usually take longer, while vegetables are roasted quickly. 

Best foods to bake: meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, breads and cakes .

Benefit: food is softer, with little added fat and a more intense flavor compared to fried and grilled food.

6. Grilling

Method: grilling food is cooking it with dry, direct heat. You can do this using the oven grill, grill or also grilling in the skillet. Season the food and turn when it is golden.

Best foods to grill: meat, fish, chicken, vegetables.

Benefits: it’s good because little fat is used (it is possible to grill food in a frying pan even without any oil). Or if you need to add oil or olive oil, the amount should be just enough to grease the pan.

If this sounds too much, there are smart kitchen technologies that will make your cooking procedure much easier such as Typhur’s cooking science where all the major recipes of cooking home-made food are installed waiting for you to follow one food at a time.

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