Chinese New Year Almond Cookies

Chinese New Year Almond Cookies

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Chinese New Year is a significant holiday in China and it is celebrated in a traditional way. It is often called the Spring Festival, as it marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. One traditional food that is often enjoyed during this holiday are Chinese New Year almond cookies. These cookies are often made with flour, sugar, butter, and almonds, and they are shaped into crescents or other decorative shapes. They are typically sweet and crunchy, and they are enjoyed by people of all ages. Some people even give them as gifts to friends as they are considered a symbol of richness and good fortune

During the fifteen days that the Chinese New Year last, Chinese New Year almond cookies are the most important snack. It remains on the table for eating and is often present as a gift during visitation.


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Chinese New Year cookies have many names like crisps, baked goods, sweet delights, crackers, and many more. At the beginning of New Year, everyone enjoys its sweet taste but have you ever thought about the significance of these Chinese New Year cookies? We are going to tell you about their symbolic meaning because every Chinese New Year cookie relates to a fact and has a meaning.

These are the five most famous examples of Chinese New Year cookies:


It is a pork jerky and a sort of Chinese New Year cookie that is loved by both young and old. The red color of Bakkwa considers a fortune.

Hae bi hiam rolls

The significant meaning of these Chinese New Year cookies is happiness. Its golden color and shape are meant for gold bars.

Love letters

These Chinese New Year cookies are lovable by lovers and their meaning is shown by their name.

Pineapple tarts

The symbolic meaning of these Chinese New Year cookies is the arrival of good fortune and prosperity.


These Chinese New Year cookies directly translate to year cake. Its symbolic meaning is greater and heights.

Basic Chinese New Year cookies


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Chinese New Year cookies are the perfect way to enjoy the Chinese New Year. These little gems are delicious to eat and can be stuffed with different sweet elements. These are some basic types of Chinese New Year cookies that are most popular for Chinese New Year’s.

Rolled Chinese New Year cookies

These Chinese New Year cookies are made from stiff chilled dough and cut with a cookie cutter into different shapes. Rolled cookies are prepared well in small amounts. Sugar cookies and gingerbread are examples.

Bar Chinese New Year cookies

These Chinese New Year cookies are baked in a shallow pan and then cut into squares and bars. Bar cookies are soft and firm with different fillings and bases. Many types of toppings are used to decorate them.

Drop Chinese New Year cookies

These Chinese New Year cookies are made from soft dough and set on a cookie sheet. Drop cookies are heavy than others and equal to two cookies. These are settling down into two layers.

Molded Chinese New Year cookies

These CNY cookies are made from chilled dough because they are shaped by hand. Molded cookies can be made into different things like rolled-in chopped nuts or another coating before baking. Italian cookies and peanut butter are examples of molded CNY cookies.

Refrigerator Chinese New Year cookies

These CNY cookies start with dough formed and pass through a long process. Different disks are used to make different shapes. After making their shapes wrapped in foil, wax paper, or plastic wrap and then chilled.

Almond cookies Chinese New Year

CNY Almond cookies are crispy, buttery, simple, and full of almond flavor. It’s always been a perfect match for the Chinese New Year.   Almond cookies symbolize a coin that’s the way the Chinese make and buy them to bring good fortune. Almond cookies CNY have a sandy crumbly texture and a crispy bite. When on the top of cookies almonds come to our mouth and give a nice almond flavor.

What are Chinese almonds cookies?

Chinese New Year Almond cookies are a New Year treat but these are not authentically Chinese.  While in the history of cookies we can’t reach any specific point of almond cookies Chinese New Year.  Normally it is believed before 1900 they were the creation of Chinese immigrants in the U.S.A.  But now almond cookies CNY are traditionally served for Chinese New Year which is an important Chinese festival according to their lunar calendar.

Important elements of almond cookies Chinese New Year


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These are some main elements used in almonds cookies Chinese New Year . In some recipes, they can be changed little a bit but the main elements do not change they remain the same as they are listed below.

Almond flour or meal

The almond flour and meal used in almond cookies Chinese New Year . The difference between them is that almond meal is made from whole or blanched almonds but almond flour is finely ground almonds.

Superfine sugar

This sugar is dissolving easily and is ready to work than granulated sugar in almond cookies Chinese New Year . If you don’t have it you can easily make it in a blender or food processor in the form of super fine flour.

Egg whites

Egg whites are a necessary element of almond cookies Chinese New Year .  Leftover egg whites can easily store in the freezer in an airtight box. If you want an egg-free option then vegan almond cookies can be prepared.

Flaked almond

Flaked almonds enhance almond cookies’ Chinese New Year taste and texture. You can sprinkle them on cookies before baking or can roll cookies in flaked almonds.

Tips to make successful almond cookies Chinese New Year

Almond cookies CNY are not difficult to make but these are some tips to make successful cookies.

  • Use almond flour, not almond meal. These both products work differently.
  • Try to use cold butter
  • At least rest the dough for 2 hours in the refrigerator.
  • If the dough remains above two hours in the fridge then make sure to warm it enough to work with.
  • Try to use ingredients in the same quantity to match.

Almond cookies Chinese New Year gives 108 calories. Protein contains 9 calories and 48 carbohydrates, and the remaining fat is 51 calories.

Chinese New Year 2023 is just around the corner simply head over to the Bread Garden to pick almond cookies and other delicious Chinese New Year cookies from their wide variety of New Year festival cookies and snacks. Their Chinese New Year cookies are tasty and affordable that you can enjoy with your whole family or presents as a gift to your friends.

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