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6 Breakfast Ideas You Will Surely Love For Your Next RV Trip

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Food is one of the many things that most people look forward to when traveling. But unlike traditional travels, RV trips are a little more exciting since you can cook your food and breakfast ideas at whatever time and place you want. It is one of RV travelers’ advantages because it saves a lot of money and is more convenient. 

However, many are not sure which meals are best to make on their RV trip due to the kitchen’s size. RV kitchens have smaller counter space, although it is equipped with a kitchen appliance similar to home. That’s why planning every meal on your RV trip is essential to make cooking more enjoyable.

Others may not fully agree on this, but breakfast is the most important meal, especially when you’re camping in an RV. A good, hearty breakfast would be a perfect way to start before embarking on exciting activities for the day.

TAKEAWAY: Breakfast meals in your RV trip don’t have to be bland and boring. You have so many options to fill your mornings with delicious and healthy meals. Moreover, these simple and premade breakfast ideas could save you from a lot of stress and hassle. After all, the point of traveling or camping in an RV is to relax and have fun. 


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Here are six breakfast ideas you will surely love for your next RV trip

Breakfast Bars

Although RV almost feels like home, movements and space can be limited. As much as you want to cook in the kitchen for every meal, there might be times that you would not feel like doing it. Having food that’s ready to eat is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you’ve got a hearty breakfast in your RV.  

Breakfast bars would always be a brilliant idea while on the road or camping trip. You can go for several choices, such as chia, almond, walnut, apple cinnamon bars, or whatever suits your palate. 

Aside from plenty of delicious flavors, breakfast bars have a high protein diet that is good for fueling up your mornings. You can also whip up some tasty recipes with these breakfast bars, or you can have ones that are ready-made and pair it with some peanut butter or jam. 

Breakfast Sandwiches


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Another breakfast idea that would not be a lot of work and doesn’t take up much of your time is making some delicious breakfast sandwiches. You can cook or assemble it in the RV or have it done at home since these breakfast sandwiches can be kept up to six weeks. 

Also, you can have the usual wheat-bread sandwich filled with sausage, egg, and cheese that will surely give you energy for any activity you plan to do in your RV. You can also have muffins or small croissants layered with crepe eggs, cooked ham or bacon, and cheddar cheese inside. Once you’ve assembled them, you can pack them in plastic bags and freeze them.

You could wrap the sandwiches in tin foil when you’re ready to eat them for grilling or using a microwave. In just a few minutes, you already have a hearty breakfast meal. 

Breakfast Foil Packs

Aside from sandwiches, you can also put up some delicious meals in tin foil. Breakfast burritos loaded with potatoes, eggs, and ham or bacon are the best jumpstarts for your day. After you wrap them in foil, you only need to secure them in a large zip-top bag and keep them cold in a fridge until you cook them up for breakfast. 

If you like something different for breakfast, apple pie packets made with apple, butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar in foil would be good choices. A paella foil packet made with chorizo, shredded chicken, and vegetables is also perfect if you prefer a full breakfast meal. You can pre-slice everything before the trip and grill them in easy foil packets or bowls. 

Breakfast Sausages


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Any hearty breakfast would not be complete without a breakfast sausage next to the bacon. You can find breakfast sausage links almost everywhere, from traditional English breakfast to chafing dishes at hotel buffets. Breakfast sausages can be combined with nearly everything you want. 

But pancakes and sausage on a stick is a recipe that you can easily pull together while traveling in an RV. It’s a perfect choice if you want a freezer-friendly breakfast. By frying or grilling it, you already have a meal to start your day. You can also serve it with some maple syrup or thinned Nutella for a more delightful taste.  

Breakfast Bowls

Breakfast bowls are another one of our breakfast ideas that you’ll surely love on your RV trip. There are no exact ingredients when making this one, as you can select and customize your own. But the goal is to create your breakfast bowls as quickly yet nutritious as possible. You can assemble or cook and eat straight from the same bowl, which would make cleanup easier. 

A plain or flavored Greek yogurt would be a perfect element in your breakfast bowls. It can go well with different topping ideas, such as fresh fruits, granola, nuts, and anything you’d like. You can also make a warm bowl of potatoes, sausage, and eggs. There are so many variations to these breakfast bowls, and you can experiment with your own recipes. 

Breakfast Smoothies


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You can’t go wrong with breakfast smoothies that are easy to prepare in the restricted space of your RV and everyone loves these breakfast ideas. Fruits are the backbone of any smoothie recipe, but a handful of greens and nuts would make it healthier and exciting. 

A banana smoothie made with almond-coconut milk has more than enough nutrients to start your day as it contains protein, energy, and plenty of fiber. You can also blend it up with coffee and peanut butter if you’re someone who needs caffeine to kickstart your day. 

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