Cuban sandwich with pulled pork, one of the most famous Cuban street foods.

5 Cuban Street Foods That Tourist will Love

Last Updated on November 16, 2021

“Half of my heart is in Havana, ooh na-na.” You can’t remain cold when it comes to Cuba! This country is intriguing on many levels, from politics to arts, culture to food and dance. Everything about Cuba is warm and passionate. Cuban cuisine is just like that; you can’t be indifferent to its deliciousness. Even if you only have experienced its cuisine in Southern Florida or in Miami’s Little Havana, you still must have appreciated Cuba’s flavors. In this article, we will focus on Cuban street foods, but before we start, let´s see what keeps people traveling to Cuba again and again. Here’s a little introduction into Cuban culinary culture:

TAKEAWAY: Criollo is the most popular cooking style in Cuba. This word is used to denote a person with Spanish roots. So criollo cuisine refers to the cooking style created by Spanish colonists where they prepared their traditional recipes with local ingredients. Chicken, beef, pork, eggs, beans, rice and vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, cassava (yucca), and plantain (a starchy fruit similar to a banana) are the basis of criollo.

Now that you are familiar with the main Cuban ingredients, we should present the special relationship, Cubans have with the coffee.

Cubans love coffee, like, seriously! Cubans discovered the magic of coffee pretty early, in mid-1700’s, and since then it is part of their national identity. Not long after coffee came to their land, they started to plant it, and some of their first plantations are on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

Therefore, we will equally pay attention to coffee as it goes great with the food. Although you should keep in mind that Cubans don’t perceive coffee the way most Americans do. For them, coffee is the beverage that connects them with their loved ones; they use it to bond and gossip.

Cubans drink coffee mainly in the form of espresso, but it doesn’t mean their conversations are short. Good coffee only inspires further subjects and suggests it is chilling time. However, you can still drink Cuban coffee on the go and perfectly combine it with street food.

Coconut pie and coffee suggest it is time to take a break


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If you are searching for a dessert that is both high in sugar and delicious, coconut pie is for you. Creamy and crunchy, this pie is an amazing experience for your senses. Imagine all the crust, sweet, creamy, filling and topping! After you finish with this delightful meal, you can either, drink an espresso or a cafecito. Cafecito is espresso mixed with sugar. You can drink it if you don´t find the pie sugary enough.

Hawaiian pizza – for breakfast or after a hangover

You can find it on almost every street, it is affordable ($0.80), plus it is yummy! What is Hawaiian pizza anyway? A thick dough glossed with tomato paste and topped with grated cheese (a mixture that tastes of a blend of mozzarella and sharp cheddar), ham and fresh pineapple, baked in an oven on the street.

If you want to mingle in with the locals, eat this delicious street food like a taco. We mentioned this pizza will heal every hangover, but if you want to enhance its powers, combine it with one peso Cuban coffee. One peso coffee (4 cents) can be found all over Cuba. It contains lots of sugar, and you only get a mouthful, but at that price, it’ll give you what you are looking for.

Egg sandwiches – simple, yet delicious


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The name is not promising, but you have to give it a shot. The exquisiteness of this sandwich is in its simpleness, plus it is super affordable. Fried egg in the fresh, soft bread is a great meal, and you can eat it for 8 cents. However, if you like to make it even more delicious, add some ham or cheese. Yes, it will be even tastier, but you will have to pay more, although, it is worth it.

Hamburgesa de Cerdo– treat yourself

Burger lovers, meat lovers, good food lovers, you have to try one of these. A ground pork patty, griddled to medium-rare and laid on lettuce, tomato and pan suave (fresh, soft bread). Enjoy a perfect Cuban burger at a price of $1.20! You can always experiment and add some pineapples to it or onion rings, whatever seems appropriate at the moment. It is recommended that you eat this for lunch, so you can take a nice break, and drink your coffee in peace.

Guava milkshake – exotic and refreshing. But drink it fast!


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Guava has wonderful taste, especially, if you like mango and strawberry. If so, you will enjoy its deliciousness. Also, guava has a lot of health benefits: it lowers blood sugar, helps heart health, fights diarrhea, and it acts as an anti-inflammatory. Therefore, you won´t regret trying this milkshake. Cubans make guava milkshake out of peeled, fresh guava, milk and sugar. If you drink it right away, the fresher the taste will be. And you can buy it for only $0.15!

Enjoy criollo cuisine, explore Cuban culture, socialize, dance and have a memorable experience in Cuba! Remember, whenever you feel tired, there are a few Cuban street foods that will fill your belly, satisfy your taste buds and replenish your energy.

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