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8 Must-Try Coffee Foods You’ll Find in New York

Coffe cup over coffee beans, spices, chocolate and other coffee foods.

The city of New York is one of the most beautifully diverse places in America. It is a melting pot of cultures with people from all over the world coming here and contributing their little bit towards making this full of life city their own. The food in New York, in particular, is considered to be some of the most …

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Mastering Greek-American Baking: Making Melomakarona

Plates full of delicious Greek-American baking recipes such as Melomakarona.

Georgia seemed to open the door and embrace us in one motion. As she hugged us, she called me and my sister by a Greek diminutive and asked, “your Yiyia called you that?” Once we assured her that Yiyia (our grandmother) had, she padded off down the hallway. Her kitchen and dining room look like that of any other elderly, …

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5 Types of Bakeries You Can Find Nearby in the US

Baked sweets on the counter of one of the types of bakeries you can find nearby.

Are you one of those dessert lovers who enjoy the smell of recently baked goods in their house? Or just one who doesn’t miss a chance to take a bite out of any sweet that crosses their path? Either way, you surely have a couple of go-to places to get your dose of sugar. And if you don’t or just …

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5 Asian Desserts to Sweeten Your Trip And Your Mood

Taiwanese egg yolk shortcake, one of the most delicious Asian desserts.

There are times when we all have an almost inevitable desire of having a delicious dessert. That might be because the hormones of happiness are increased by consuming sugared goods. A dessert can be any food which can satisfy your craving of having something sweet: from a cake, pastry or ice-cream, to a fruit or a juice. Therefore, there is …

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6 Cypriot Desserts To Enjoy in Summer

Ice coffee in a glass on a wooden table, one of the typical Cypriot desserts

Cyprus is located south of Turkey in the Mediterranean sea. This small island holds a long history. Since its settlement, Cyprus has served as the spot where empires meet; but this position is not without its challenges. Indeed, much of Cyprus’s political history involves conflict. This tension, however, does not tend to carry into the social culture anymore as much …

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4 Spooky Halloween Treats You Can Find In The US

halloween treats

In the US, Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays, and we hold nothing back to celebrate it. Elaborate costumes, spooky cobwebs that cast shadows, and (of course) delicious candy and treats handed out to celebrate the night. When the weather turns colder, people love to seek out their pumpkin spiced lattes and candy corn. But the US has …

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4 Sweet Treats On The Streets of Toronto

sweet treats

On a recent trip to Toronto for work, I decided I was going to find and explore the city’s Little Italy neighborhood. Pasta is a major food group for me as someone of Italian heritage. I set off on foot towards Bathurst Street and College Avenue, the intersection where Little Italy begins. On the way to my intended destination, I …

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5 Belgian Desserts You Simply Cannot Live Without

belgian desserts

When you hear the name “Belgium”, you may automatically think about chocolates and waffles. But guess what? If you do have a sweet tooth – and let’s face it, most of us do! – Belgium has some delicious desserts to offer. So, go and indulge yourself! 1. Dame Blanche Una publicación compartida de noellvandreven (@noellvandreven) el 21 de Ago de …

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10 Indian Desserts To Die For

indian desserts

Indian food makes up some of the most popular dishes worldwide. The appeal of their cuisine is not unfounded, chicken tikka masala has even become a national favorite in Great Britain, as you can read on “7 Traditional Indian Foods you Must Try“. Much like the savory dishes of India, Indian desserts have also made a global impression. Several favorite …

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