How To Plan Your Journey On A Private Jet With Kids

How To Plan Your Journey On A Private Jet With Kids

Last Updated on October 23, 2023

Traveling with your children on a private jet or by a commercial flight comes with multiple challenges. The guardians have to consider their needs during the trip and plan for additional luggage, bathroom trips, and snacks, which might be delayed for their flights. 

Due to its additional issues, many guardians prefer to cater to the advantage of chattering private plans. At the same time, the kids also receive luxurious treatment just like the other guests. 

Hence, the regulation of private jet charters is comparable with those of traditional airlines, ensuring children within the age of two can travel for free. Parents can carry a kid seat with them and arrange a safe and comfortable flight. 

Tips That Will Help You To Plan Your Journey On A Private Jet With Kids

Given below are some of the important measures you must take to manage your private jet trip when flying with children.

1. Prepare The Kids For The Experience 

Private charter jet travel offers a different experience than commercial flight, so make sure that you prepare your children for what to expect before, after, and during the flight. 

For instance, one might explain basic airport regulations and the rules you must follow before you arrive at the security checkpoint. 

Even when you board the flight, give your kid a tour of the charter and let them select their own seat. Speak to them about what they would like to take to avoid any problems during take-off and landing. Ensure that they have a good view. 

2. Request For A Sliding Departure Window

One of the major benefits iof private jet travel is that the plane can take off as per your schedule. If you arrive much later, you need the facility to reschedule your departure or might be unable to travel at all. 

Many charters perform more than one flight daily, and the crew members can only legally fly a certain number of hours before mandatory rest. You can also view website if you are looking forward to personalizing your experience. 

Thus, you have the facility of a sliding departure window, which guarantees your flight. For instance, if your departure is between 7 pm and 10 pm, you can arrive anytime during that window. 

3. Pack Plenty Of Snacks 

When kids are hungry, most parents hear no end of it until their cravings are satisfied. The parents should pack plenty of snacks for the kids to keep them happy and full all throughout the trip. 

In addition, one passenger has the facility of placing special snack requests and having them stocked before onboarding the aircraft for your arrival, and you have one less thing to worry about. 

4. Take Advantage Of Flight Entertainment 

For kids and teenagers, entertainment can be a lifesaver. Specifically for toddlers, the private jet makes arrangements for cartoons, animated movies, music, video games, and WiFi connections, which can offer them plenty to keep them distracted during the flight. 

On the other hand, teenagers particularly enjoy business hets that are well suited for executives’ travel. This is because they have larger screens and power outlets. 

This facility usually comes with better connections, and the entertainment options can ensure everyone is satisfied during the flight. 

5. Plan For Extra Space Needs

If you are traveling with a baby, make sure that you inform about the extra space before you get on board. Such as strollers, cribs, and car seats quickly take up charter space. 

Have a word with your private jet broker to book a charter with plenty of space for all the requirements you would need during your travel, specifically for the goods you need to access during the flights. 

Make Your Journey Enjoyable And Comfortable With Kids

When you are traveling with kids, you must select the right aircraft. With multiple alternatives and many charter jets, it is vital to consider significant aspects to reduce the selection. 

The size of the private jet should be a prime consideration for the parents as it guarantees enough room for everyone to feel comfortable. 

At times, it might be difficult to travel with kids, but careful preparation and planning can ensure you and your children will find the trip comfortable and memorable. 

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