Food and music festivals around the world

Food and music festivals around the world

Last Updated on September 16, 2022

What is a mandatory part of every gathering, event, festival, or outing? The food! This small word has all the power to be the brand ambassador of your country, region, culture, and even history without uttering a single word. Same goes in the case of music which is appreciated beyond boundaries and oceans. Good food means a good mood. Apart from the psychological impact the food and music put all together on the human brain, it also has a matchless festive vibe which is celebrated across the world on various occasions. Have a look at few highly known finger licking edibles and melodies on the surface of earth.

Some famous meals around the world

Chinese food

The popularity of Chinese food throughout the world is an undeniable fact. This high demand is what justifies the availability of several dishes be it soups, snacks, main course, and many more. No matter at what corner of the world you live in, study, work or just go to spend the holiday season, spotting some Chinese food, in fact, a whole good restaurant will most probably not be an issue. In some south Asian countries, they have their innovation or let’s say fusion of food that they call Chinese meal. It depicts the obsession and fame of Chinese food in the eyes of majority of population.

South Asian food


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Famous for its spices, most south Asian food has got a historical background attached to them. Nutrient-rich supporting ingredients like dry fruits, butter, etc are what makes them unique from others. To be more precise, south Asian food direct link with either the Mughal dynasty or tribal areas and their specialties. In addition to that, fame and demand, not only the overseas south Asians but also foreigners love the sit-down meal. Just like opposite attracts, their taste buds ask for variations at times.

Continental food

Do we ever realize when and how we become so dependent on this class of food? Surprised enough? Oh, come on! The involvement of European food items in daily life is not a hidden mystery to anyone irrespective of the piece of land we live in. Pizza, pasta, French fries, noodles, and pancakes are no more occasional but routine food only. In spite of containing less or no spices, and more natural ingredients, some of the relevant kinds lead to weight gain and increase laziness. There is absolutely no place on the world map where people do not consider food as treat unless they are deprived of it.

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Let’s explore well known beats

Turkish music

Music has many languages but true beat lovers do not always need them, all they wish to listen to is what matches their genre of interest and feels soothing to the ears. Turks have come a long way, from the decades-old ottoman empire to Ataturk’s revolution of modern turkey. From traditional to Arabic to western they cover them all. Similarly, the respective piece of land enjoys roots and traits from the middle east and west at the same time, and so is their music. Do you know what the best part is? People love the way it is without feeling the need for interpretation at cruise, random parties, clubs and the list goes on.

English music


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Seven continents, five oceans, several mountains, and an unending forest but what brings those entirely different people, unaware of each other’s language and identity on one page? Of course! English. Since its spoken and understood internationally. Be it Hollywood music or native British one, all fall under the umbrella of English music. All the bars, clubs, parties, Christmas celebrations, new year’s eve, Easter and Halloween has one thing in common which is the way listeners enjoy them to the core and back. Nonetheless, It has an unimaginative space of its own.

Indian subcontinent music

There are three countries in Indian subcontinent namely Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Its history is full of events and the background is filled with unlimited languages and diversified cultures. Moreover, they take pride in their film and music industry like none which is a justified act because they had literally worked had with music production especially, after getting independence from British rule.

Land of legends

Calling this region, the land of legends wouldn’t be wrong. Likewise, all three states located there have produced marvelous musical giants whose singing, production, and writing. World celebrate their music is a proof of that. They own their legends like an asset. If you want to add a traditional touch to your music list, do not hesitate to put on this type of versatile music on.

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World’s population is around 7 billion, if there is anything that connects people from different segments of society then it’s food and music which also act as product manager.

Author bio: This piece of writing is derived from an amazing collection of john Mikal who is a travel enthusiast by hobby. He was never a foodie until his passion for traveling and discovering various places forced him to the one. For the past couple of years, he has also been rendering his writing services for cheap essay writing service usa as a part-time profession while travel blogging is what completely he religiously follows and loves to work upon. During 6 years of his adventurous trips, the outing devotee has explored numerous places and cultures, tried unlimited delicious food, lived through diversified music from all over the globe, now plans to add more experiences to his travel dairy.



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