An array of some must-try foods in Tagaytay, Philippines

8 Must-Try Foods in Tagaytay And Where to Eat Them

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Find yourself wandering in the ridges of Tagaytay City? Then better enjoy some of the grubs there before you leave! As one of the most popular tourist destination spots in the Philippines, the city not only boasts of its Taal lake and volcano but its terrific chains of restaurants as well. But with so many food choices there, you might have a hard time getting started. So we’ve listed eight must-try foods in Tagaytay and where to eat them so you can get started.

1. Raisin Bread (Bag of Beans)


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Bag of Beans is a chain of restaurants in Tagaytay City that dishes out breakfast and other delicious meals to a wide range of customers, from Vireya Tagaytay Highlands home dwellers to visiting tourists. However, they’re best known for their signature raisin bread. Loaded with fat raisins and peppered with a bit of cinnamon, Bag of Beans serves these freshly baked pastry rolls daily. Every bite of it is genuinely an excellent gastronomical experience! Plus, the bread stays soft even after saving it for a couple of days, so you can buy some to enjoy later. For best results, try it with Bag of Beans’ hot chocolate.

2. Cheese Hopia (Sonya’s Garden)

The signature cheese hopia from Sonya’s Garden can be bought from their Panaderia, a bakeshop located in the heart of the bed-and-breakfast venue. A personal favorite among locals and tourists alike, the flower-shaped pastry comes baked with parmesan cheese, making it a chewy and delectable delicacy. If you’re a bread and cheese lover, then this is a sublime encounter you shouldn’t miss! Here’s a suggestion to enjoy it further: toast the hopia at home until the sides are slightly browned and the cheese melted. You’ll feel the flavors exploding in your mouth!

3. Buko Tarts (Rowena’s)


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One last pastry you shouldn’t miss while in Tagaytay is Rowena’s buko tarts. Each mini-pie comes full of sliced coconuts and topped with buttery sugar bits. It will definitely make your visit to Tagaytay worthwhile. And for best results, have a cup of Rowena’s coffee blends. Rowena’s is located on one of the most popular routes from Manila to Tagaytay; just look for the pink-and-white striped house along the way.

4. Bulalo (Leslie’s)

Of course, your Tagaytay adventure wouldn’t be complete if you don’t have a bowl of bulalo for lunch there. Bulalo is one of the filipino foods you can’t miss when visiting the Philippines. Now there are lots of restaurants in the ridge where you can get this dish, but Leslie’s is the best. Their meat is more tender, their soup refillable and mixed just right, and the vegetable toppings are A-okay. Oh, and don’t forget to add the soy and fish sauce, calamansi, and chili for extra flavor! Plus, Leslie’s venue exudes a unique ambiance which, combined with the Tagaytay weather, makes eating bulalo there all the more enjoyable.

5. Champorado (Tsokolateria)


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In spite of its cold weather (or perhaps because of it), Tagaytay is a terrific spot to enjoy chocolates. And where better to have it than in Tagaytay’s Tsokolateria! Aside from offering a stunning view of the Taal volcano and lake, the establishment also lays out a cadre of cocoa-inspired dishes to choose from. But one of their best meals if their signature champorado. Served at just the right temperature, the chocolate-and-rice classic comes thick and creamy. It’s also sided with a handful of fish chips and chicharon to complement the stew’s chocolatey goodness with its own salty flavor.

6. Angel Cookies (Pink Sisters’ Convent)

Aside from answered “super” prayers, the Convent of the Pink Sisters also offers local and visiting guests their signature Angel Cookies. They are baked using leftover scraps from Holy Eucharist waffles (Yeah, you read that bit right!). In fact, the cookies still show the tiny pieces of the thin white bread used for communion purposes. But don’t let the idea of eating leavings deter you from buying a truckload of them! The cookies come crispy and vanilla-smelling; there’s even a label at the canister that says, “Baked by praying hands.” Plus, they really make great snacks for when you’re taking a stroll in Tagaytay.

7. Chicken Satay (Cafe Voi La)


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With Asian arts and ornaments littering the place, Cafe Voi La gives off a very oriental ambiance that makes the restaurant a must-visit when you’re in Tagaytay. Now one of their best-selling dishes is their Chicken Satay. Served with a bowl of turmeric rice, and a side dish of peanut sauce and Achar, the chicken is smoky, tender, and tasty with every bite. It will leave you gasping for more.

8. Pineapples (They’re Everywhere in Tagaytay)

Lastly, don’t leave Tagaytay without having one (or ten) of their pineapples. Due to the fertile volcanic silts in the ridge, the pineapples and other crops that grow there have a higher grade than in most other areas in the Philippines. You’ll never find pineapples as cheap and as fresh near Manila elsewhere.

So there you go! You might know other delicacies aside from the ones mentioned above, but all the same, you should try them out if you want your visit in Tagaytay to be memorable.

Got any suggestions on other must-try foods in Tagaytay? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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