How To Get Better Tips: Hacks for Reading Your Table

Last Updated on April 18, 2023

Have you been trying to supplement your check with tips but can’t seem to get the right footing? You’ve employed all the hacks, including dressing well, being polite and friendly, writing thank you at the back of the check, and providing an unforgettable experience, among others, but still can’t seem to get better tips; what could be the problem? Finding “coffee shops hiring near me” and hopping from one place to the next won’t help you secure better tips, click here for more information. People feel socially obligated to leave tips, but that only gets you stuck with minimum amounts possible. If you read a table well, you can tailor a personalized approach and make the customer a lot more generous with the tips. Here are a few hacks that can help you read a table and get better tips.

Go with the flow

The last thing you want is to mess a good vibe by pushing the wrong conversation. For instance, while serving a chatty group, it would help if you offered to serve more drinks or refills, as the mood probably means that they could be there to blow some steam. You wouldn’t want to halt their party quests by bringing the check too early and asking questions that would make them uncomfortable. Apart from taking their business elsewhere, such a group won’t be generous while tipping. Offer insights such as top-shelf drinks that would lit up their party, deserts, and be talkative to foster a more engaging relationship.

Listen actively

Listening doesn’t mean that you should eavesdrop on your customers’ conversations. While making an order, listen to their tone, and observe their body language. That can tell you a lot about their mood and current state. For example, while serving a couple, and they seem to be fighting over something or in the middle of an intense conversation, it would be best if you keep the interruption at a minimum. Ensure that you get their order right but don’t overstay or try to push for small talk. This gives them the needed space to carry on with their conversation, and with the right serving, prompt them to tip generously.

Timing counts

That well-dressed customer that ordered lunch early might have a busy schedule ahead. The last thing you want is to make it harder for them to quickly grab a meal and carry on with their day’s plans. The best way to handle such a customer is to offer faster services and recommendations of the best meals that won’t take forever to prepare and eat. The customer will appreciate your fast and efficient service that makes their rush a lot more manageable, prompting them to leave a better tip.

Dress code

Reading a table by their dressing is the oldest trick that still works well. This is especially useful while serving a group. The well-dressed individual is usually the head of the group, and tailoring your service around them could win you huge tips. Don’t, however, neglect the others as their input could water down your efforts.

Reading tables and tailoring your services to get huge tips isn’t a cakewalk. However, with the above tips, you can improve your endeavors and pocket better tips.

Get a bigger bill

Increasing total sales can increase your tips. For example, as a restaurant waiter, you can encourage a table to order an appetizer and dessert or have their drinks refilled to increase the overall cost of the meal. Since customers often base tips on a percentage of their total payment, a higher bill leads to higher tips. If a customer plans to tip 20% of their bill, you’ll only earn $8 for a $40 bill, but you’ll earn $16 for an $80 bill.

Take advantage of the busiest hours

Depending on your industry, you can sometimes earn more tips by serving or helping more customers in a short amount of time. This can be especially true during peak hours, such as lunch breaks or peak shopping and travel times. This can also be true for service professions where customers choose how much money to tip rather than calculating it from a percentage of a bill. Focus on helping customers quickly but successfully to test this strategy.

Customize your appearance

Although many employees in tipped jobs wear uniforms, you can wear accessories or find creative ways to share information about your personality with your outward appearance. Consider wearing buttons, jewelry, or other objects that can serve as conversation starters with customers. This can help you find common interests that lead to a personal connection and a more friendly or relaxed environment. Feeling comfortable can encourage clients to give better advice.

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