9 Tips for Student Travelers to find Affordable Restaurants

9 Tips for Student Travelers to find Affordable Restaurants

Last Updated on November 23, 2023

Are you a traveling student? Great! It is amazing to travel. But as a student, how is your budget? Sparse, right? And you do need to pay for transport, accommodation, and then eat. So what if we told you that you can get to eat good food without draining your pocket?

Well, that’s why we are here. To give you total doable tips you can use on your travels. We also understand that traveling as a student can be hectic if you are already burdened with assignments, so Assignment Geek comes with a team of professional people to help you with your writing.

So let’s start.

Eat Before You Are Too Hungry

You are probably nodding at this. How many times have you completely binged because you were so famished you just walked into a restaurant? And then you were slapped with a bill that halved your money. You know what happened, you waited until you were too hungry.

At this point, you could eat anything. And because you couldn’t walk around looking for cheap spots, you entered the first restaurant you saw. This is going to be an expensive option.

Local Restaurants

Tip number two is very important. Do you see how your hunger pangs drove you to a high-end restaurant? Well, in addition to the food not always being great, it is expensive as you just have realized.

So, local restaurants are the solution.

Before you eat somewhere, look around for the local restaurants. How do you know where they are? Talk to the locals. Ask where they would eat. Since they live there and going to the high-end restaurants does not make sense, they will know where all the good locals are. Don’t be surprised when the food is amazing.

Consider Street Food

You are probably traveling because you want to experience different cultures. And that brings us to our next tip; street food. There is nothing that showcases a place’s culture more than street food.

So wherever you are, you can save a lot of money by eating street food.

Plus it will not be monotonous, every street vendor has something different to offer. The good thing is that most vendors have some sort of seating for clients even though others are still carry-and-go.

Just be extra careful and observe the cleanliness of that vendor. It could be great food and tastes very good but not hygienically clean. And that is bound to give you some medical problems.

So venture out and try the street food.

Bars and Coffee Shops

Our next tip is to consider coffee shops and bakeries. Most don’t do full-course meals and are not expensive. At least you can find something to eat and stay within budget. You can have a coffee and a bagel at a low cost and then later get something heavier for lunch.

Additionally, you can walk about and find a hole-in-the-wall, duck in, and order something with a drink. The meals in bars are usually low cost and very good. Furthermore, you get to sit with the locals and make conversations. What better way to stay within budget and still mingle with the locals?

Consider Your Hotel

Our next tip is to consider the hotel you stay in. When you stay in an expensive or even moderately high-end hotel, they will often point you to their expensive restaurant. Or to outside restaurants that are more in the same category price-wise.

So you will be paying for an expensive room and then expensive meals. You should pick local hotels which are more authentic and cheaper. Their restaurants will also be cheaper and will most likely serve local cuisine. Also, the locals will most likely know other affordable restaurants.

Furthermore, you can stay at hotels that offer breakfast with it. So it’s one charge for the room and the breakfast.  You will not only have saved yourself unnecessary expenses, but you will have learned a lot from the locals.

Get Food From Grocery Stores

Does your grocery store sell ready-to-eat food items?

Trust us most grocery stores are the same. First, they have many options for things you can eat without having to cook. We mean lunch bars, jerky, and others. Second, they have items you can cook with just hot water, such as noodles.

Lastly, most will have a food counter, where you can buy cooked meals in takeaway packages. The amazing thing about these meals is that they can fit even the smallest budgets. So if you are really financially strained, this is a good way to eat and not go broke.

Farmers’ Markets and Student Areas

These are great places to get cheap food. Since it is an open-air market, the people selling food will not charge a lot. And it is good, wholesome food. Pus the organic fruit. You will not only spend less on food than restaurants, but also eat great healthy food. Isn’t that a plus?

So ask the locals to point you to where the markets assemble.

You can also visit student areas which are usually around colleges. One thing about student areas is that they are often very affordable. This is a good pave to find good and affordable food.

Vouchers and Coupons

Another tip on affordable eating is to get vouchers and coupons. You can get these from magazines and apps. So when you plan to visit a certain place, study their magazines for coupons and some apps that offer vouchers to see if you can get a restaurant that is giving offers.

Meal deals are also a good thing where you buy a certain amount of food for free or for additional items from the menu. Alternatively, you can offer a service like dishwashing or table bussing for a meal.

Stay At an Airbnb

Our last tip is to stay at an Airbnb. Get the app, check for places on the dates you will be there, and you basically have a house that most times features a kitchen. So all you do is budget for groceries, mostly easy-to-cook options and stock the pantry.

Be careful with amounts so that you don’t incur wastage. However, it is a good option especially if the place you are in does not have any local restaurants.

Final Thoughts

Traveling should appear as a very expensive venture. As a student, it is entirely possible to travel and find affordable food to fit your budget. We know our tips will go a long way to make traveling easier for you.

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