8 Tips to Plan a Safe Beach Vacation with your Dog

8 Tips to Plan a Safe Beach Vacation with your Dog

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Are you planning to take a beach vacation with your dog? Your dog is no different as they love running around on the sandy shores or swimming in the water.

But before that, ensure you feed your dog an hour before you take it out, or else it may cause bloating. I ensure to feed my dog the best dog food for Goldendoodles so that they are energetic and can enjoy a good play day at the beach. After you return from the beach with your dog, let them rest for some time. Do not feed them immediately, as it is not advisable. Treat them to a healthy and tasty meal that will help them bring back their lost energy.

Taking your pooch to the beach may be fun, but there are a few things you should plan ahead to make it safe for the dog and enjoyable for you.

1. Choose the Right Beach

Do your research to choose the right pet-friendly beach. Crowded beaches are not ideal for dogs as other people may not be comfortable around an unleashed dog. A few beaches do not allow dogs and a few other may allow dogs on a leash only, which is something I do not prefer as I want my pet to be leash free during her vacation. Many beaches are secluded and allow dogs leash free. Find such a beach for your pet to enjoy to its fullest.

2. Check Your Surroundings

Before you leave your dog off-leash, you need to ensure the surroundings are safe for the dog. Look for harsh rocks, jellyfish, sea turtles, litter, or trash that may injure the dog. Also, avoid places that are saltwater crocodile habitats to avoid any mishaps. Notice the waves if it is too harsh for the dog to swim in them. Also, if your dog is not a good swimmer, better keep them close to the sea. You should always carry the number of an emergency vet service in the area while on vacation.

3. Check the Temperature

Coastal areas are humid and hot during the daytime. Sometimes it can get too sunny. If your dog is not used to it, it may feel famished, tired, and dehydrated. Check the temperature of the place during the daytime. It is only advisable to go to the beach in the early mornings and late evenings when the sun is not too harsh. This is the best time to enjoy the beach for you as well. If it is not that sunny, then you can venture out a bit more.

4. Carry Essential Gear


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When traveling with your dog to the beach, you need to carry a few essential items for the dog’s safety. Use a long leash on the beach if your dog does not have a great recall, especially if you are letting it swim in the sea. You better have a long leash attached to the dog, just in case. The sand may be hot and can burn their paw pad hence if it’s too sunny, make them wear shoes to protect their paw pads.

5. Hydrate

Just like you, your dog can get thirsty at the beach. They may try to drink saltwater, which can cause stomach issues. Hence, carry your dog’s water bottle if it gets thirsty. Do not forget to carry a poop bag as there is a high probability your dog may poop on the beach. You need to stop the dog frequently and make it drink water so that it does not get exhausted. Dogs are usually so excited in the outdoors that they do not self-limited and can get heatstroke. You have to give them enough breaks and make them drink water to hydrate themselves.

6. Stay Cool


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If you plan to visit the beach when it is too sunny, carrying shade like a tent or umbrella can be a great way to avoid exposure to direct sunlight. This way you can enjoy the beach with your dog while avoiding damage due to direct sun exposure.

7. Be Prepared for Play

Dogs love to play fetch in the sand hence take some toys to play with the dog at the beach. You can play fetch with them in the water as well, but you have to be careful as the ocean current can carry the toys too far. Using an extra-long leash can help you curb the fear. Make use of cheap toys to play in the water as they may get lost in the process. You can also buy a life vest for the dog that is specially made for dogs.

8. Post-Beach Care

Your day at the beach will be fun and relaxing, but there are some post-beach pet care things you will need to do once you get back to where you are staying. The saltwater and sand can irritate your dog’s skin, hence rinse it with fresh water or even consider a full bath. Check their paw pads for abrasions or debris. Carry a hair dryer and your dog’s towel with you to dry its coat off as soon as possible.

After a long day at the beach, your pooch will get really tired. Let it rest properly. Do not plan any other activity back-to-back. When you take your dog on a vacation, you need to give them enough time to rest as well because they can get more tired than humans. Once the dog is well rested, it will be ready the next day for more adventures with you.

The Bottom Line

When taking a beach vacation with your pet, do not make it all about the dog. Take out some time to enjoy the beach carefree. A secluded beach is a great way to let the dog have fun while you do not have to worry about multiple factors. Relaxing on the beach with your pooch can be one of the greatest vacations you have ever taken.

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