What Not To Miss on Your Dolphin Watching Tour

What Not To Miss on Your Dolphin Watching Tour

Last Updated on January 29, 2023

A day spent at the beach is made more special with dolphin sightings. Tourists often seek out popular areas for sightseeing excursions and dolphin watching. Destin, FL, has exceptionally clear weather in October, with average temperatures of around 29º C. This weather is ideal for spotting dolphins.

A guide to see the cute dolphins contains more information to help you plan a perfect vacation for your family with gorgeous sunsets, white sand beaches and dolphin sightings.

Seek Expert Help

In the Florida Panhandle region, Destin is a popular site for dolphin watching tours. Several companies have guides who help tourists be at the right place at the right time to spot dolphins, making it one of the most preferred vacation activities for tourists and locals alike.

Tourists get to enjoy the wonderful sugar-white sand beaches while at the same time, spot, watch, and observe some of the most intelligent creatures of the sea frolicking in the water.

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Keep a Safe Distance


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Destin, FL, gets around 65 inches of rain annually. Dolphins don’t enjoy the rain. So it’s best to choose warm days for watching them.

Participants on marine watching tours are reminded to keep a safe distance from the dolphins at all times. They should also know that it is not always easy for these marine mammals to surface, especially when jumping out of water or breaching.

Tourists and locals alike would be wise to follow safe behavior guidelines during dolphin watching excursions to disturb their natural habitat.

Learn About Other Dolphin Watching Rules

Swimming with dolphins is not allowed in most parts of the world due to an increasing number of reports concerning the ill effects on these cetaceans’ health. These marine mammals are best watched from a distance for everyone’s safety, especially when they are in their natural habitat, where they are supposed to be at peace.

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Signup for a Personal Tour

Some tour companies offer personal tours where they bring the guests out to sea and ensure their safety. Guests would also need to show up on time and get ready to go at once as these tours usually do not wait for latecomers.

The reason behind this policy is that dolphins are highly active creatures and may move to another area if they cannot hunt.

Avoid Feeding and Other Attempts to Interact with the Dolphins

Tour companies also remind participants that they should avoid feeding dolphins. Feeding could disrupt their hunting process and make them dependent on humans for food to the point of no return.

Again, it is best to leave these creatures alone for them to be as happy and as healthy as they can be.

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Avoid Obstructions

Dolphins have robust sonar capabilities, so vacationers should not stick any objects or themselves in their way. Tourists are always welcome to ask questions about dolphins and the marine environment in general.

For those who want to know dolphin watching best practices, look for a guide to see the cute dolphins online to know more about safety instructions.

These tours are great to enjoy the company of these fantastic creatures and the beautiful scenery and weather in this part of Florida.

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