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Sailing for Exotic Cuisines Around the World

Last Updated on March 13, 2023

When it’s finally high time to take a well-deserved holiday and treat yourself and loved ones to a magical retreat, there is no better way to do it than to sail across the world. The feeling of casting sails in the open waters leaving behind the incessant turmoil of city life is simply liberating. The sights in major destinations will leave you lost for words, and sailing for exotic cuisines will enrich your life with great taste. Nautal boat rental lets you have a carefree holiday experience with its range of luxury yachts and sailboats at a discounted price that is too good to miss.

There are countless beautiful destinations all over the world that will snatch the breath right from your lungs and Nautal makes it possible for you to explore the best of them. From the medieval city architecture in Croatia, vibrant nightlife in Ibiza, world-class restaurants in the Amalfi coast or turquoise waters and sandy beaches in the Whitsunday Islands, the world is indeed a glorious place to behold.

A Foodie Odyssey of a Lifetime


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The best thing about traveling is experiencing unique cultures and the best local cuisines. Picture yourself enjoying a plateful of Lamb Kleftiko, and Loukoumades drizzled with honey on the deck of a Bavaria Yachtbau off the coast of Sporades, Greece. Embark on a wine tasting expedition in different islands in a luxurious Bali 4.0. Or seek an isolated spot for a water sporting fun day with your loved ones. Whatever you can envision for a dream vacation, Nautal can actualize it in all the renown sailing destinations of the world.

In most port towns, docking your rental boat by a restaurant is as normal as parking an SUV in a parking lot. Many enthusiasts of culinary traveling will attest to the fact that the menu always gets better when traveling by boat. Port towns in history always get the first access to foreign spices, exotic foods, fruits and other ingredients from merchants who travel far and wide congregating the best products. Port towns have been innovating and developing different fusions of cuisines for centuries now. Plus chefs in these parts do their best work as the money is always motivating from all the sailors looking for a tasty meal.

Food Fanatics’ Favorite Sailing Destinations


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Cultural places with dainty fresh ingredients and exquisite wines bring a twist to the senses of avid food travelers. Today you can visit old vineyards that are owned by prominent families and taste home cooked delicacies in classical ristorantis in the most breathtaking sailing destinations.

In Europe, do not miss a chance to get a boat rental and sail to Italy or Croatia. There, take a sip of the drink made by some of the best wine producers in the world. In the Amalfi Coast indulge in a quest to sample the best anchovies in the world. You can always bring a full bottle of limoncello on deck and set the right mood for romance as you sail into the sunset. If you are travelling from New York, you can leave your car in the JFK long term parking and start enjoying your holiday without worries.

In the sensational Caribbean, Anguilla is the Mecca of fine wine and dining. It has over 100 world class restaurants, which draws out only top chefs. Your palate will have a field day as the native cuisine is derived from the best gastronomic practices of Spanish, African, English, and French culture. Cochinita Pibil is a fulfilling Yucatan dish in Cancun offered in many local restaurants in a long list of sumptuous local foods. Nautal will always make it easy to access these and more places for an awesome international foodie experience.

Choosing the Best Boat Rental in your Esteemed Food Travels


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Nautal lets you travel the world without denting your finances. Cutting edge boat rental is a competitive trade, but we manage to stay ahead always by providing amazing boat rental packages that are cost effective. Get up to 40% discount on special boats accessible in our secure online platform. Book an exclusive Gulet and throw a party on its spacious deck or rent a large Catamaran yacht to sail in style. We have thousands of rental boats at your discretion, and the terms for rental are incredible. Moreover, we provide a skipper or a sailing crew to cater to your every need. Nonetheless, you can also have the freedom to navigate on your own terms with the right certificates and licenses.


To make the most of your trip, a planned itinerary will help you cover more ground. The sights and sounds on the dry land are breathtaking. But exploring renowned destinations while sailing for exotic cuisines tops it all. This way you cover multiple islands and islets on extensive coastlines making an adventure of a lifetime. Plan a trip and book with us today to experience the world in a manner that will levitate your heart and soul with the best flavors of the world.

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