Considerations to Travel with Kids after Divorce

Considerations to Travel with Kids after Divorce

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Travel with Kids after Divorce is not easy. It traveling abroad of the US, it is necessary to obtain a variety of official documents. It is vital to understand whether or not children require permission to leave the country following a divorce in order to avoid misunderstanding and problems at the border. Because of their own reasons or because of social pressure, divorced parents may refuse to travel together in some situations. They may even choose to file for a cheap divorce in Arizona in order to reduce their face-to-face contact with the other party. Should divorced parents spend time together or not is entirely up to them. Nevertheless, they must be knowledgeable on traveling as a divorced family before making their decision. 

The Family Code has no effect on the parental rights of a divorced couple with respect to their children. When it comes to their children, parents have a fundamental right to know what is going on. If the couple is separating or has just divorced, you should be informed of their whereabouts at all times, regardless of the circumstances.

It is not essential for a parent with children to obtain the consent of the other parent in order to go outside of the nation after a divorce in order for the parent with children to travel outside of the country. When a youngster is accompanied by a close relative or other third person, permission from the parent is not necessary to be obtained (aunt, uncle, family friend, teacher, etc.).

When traveling with a child, border guards have the ability to detain the individual in order to determine if the individual is subject to a flight prohibition. This permission is required by the countries that are a part of the Schengen agreement.

Hague Convention

By signing the Hague Convention in 1980, the government consented to the clause that is now in force in the case of a refusal to provide a departure permission in the first place. Upon receiving an official request from the child’s second mother or father, the second parent is compelled to return the kid to the nation from where he or she was removed without the consent of the original parent. Even if the couple decides to separate.

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What documents to issue for traveling with children abroad?


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When traveling with children overseas, there are a number of basic documents they should bring with them:

– If the children are not included in the passport of one of the parents who will accompany them on their trip abroad, they will require a separate visa from the parents. When visiting any of the countries that are part of the Schengen accord (or any other countries that require a visa), you’ll need one of these documents.

– A completed application for a child visa, validated by the signatures of both parents, is attached.

– Permission must be obtained from the other parent and certified by a notary public.

– Divorced Marriage Certificate.

– Photographs of children for documents.

– Medical insurance.

– Registration of fingerprints, the results of which are reflected when applying for a visa. Required for children over 12 years of age.

– Help from an educational institution.

– Official invitation of the host, issued in the name of those leaving, if there is no travel voucher.

In order to get through customs in a foreign nation, you’ll need both the originals and photocopies of the following papers. Specific visa requirements must be met when traveling with children to China, the United Kingdom, or New Zealand, according to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Is it required to get a second passport for a youngster in order for him or her to go outside the country?

How to get permission to take a child abroad after a divorce


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When traveling with a minor outside of your nation after a divorce, you must first obtain written permission from your ex-spouse and then agree to do so with him in advance. While going through a divorce, it is wise to make preparations for the eventual separation of children from one or both parents if at all possible.

Conditions and procedures for traveling abroad with a child after divorce

1. If the former spouse categorically refuses to write permission (consent) for the children to travel, you should go to court.

It is supplied in two copies, one of which will be delivered to the person that initiated the prohibition on claimant’s activities and the other to the claimant’s attorney. 

According to the plaintiff’s claim in the lawsuit, which is located in the upper right corner, the plaintiff will not be accountable for any state taxes or fees. Upon reaching a successful decision, the state will reimburse the defendant for any losses that he or she has incurred. To establish the second party’s misconduct in court, the information included in these papers must be used to build a persuasive argument in court. It might take anything from a few weeks to a few months for legal processes to be completed, depending on the intricacy of the case. 

Before going to court, you should send a formal request to the party that is enforcing the restriction at its physical location or place of registration. Request confirmation forms should be kept on file for future use.

2. A negative response to the request as an additional document should be attached to the application to the court when it is appealed.

Bring in the paperwork from the post office, or copies of the papers, to prove that you mailed anything (if it is ignored). In the event that the court session concludes in a favorable ruling, the court will be required to provide permission to the person who is preventing the kid from leaving the country to go. 

Because the court may determine that the minor’s journey is substantial and vital for his growth, the party that placed restrictions on the minor’s travel may face extra loss of freedoms as a result of the decision. As a result, when there is sufficient evidence of parental rights violations that affect children, the court will recognize them.

Vacation with a child after a divorce: what to do if dad/mom is against


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Just a few more days remain till the end of the school year and the start of summer vacation. Many people begin to arrange vacations abroad, but they occasionally encounter an unexpected stumbling block: the ex-spouse is opposed to the child having a pleasant time. 

In many circumstances, a woman’s ex-partner takes advantage of her child’s absence in order to impose control over her. This is possible when divorced spouses have a history of disagreeing with one another. When parents dispute, the best interests of the child should not be put aside as a result of the disagreement. Relaxation, education, and well-being are all rights that he is entitled to in every location where he can afford to travel.

– Make sure to check with the migration service before purchasing tickets if your ex-partner has filed a travel ban. The other parent is not obligated to be informed by this authority. As a result, the presence of a travel ban is commonly discovered at passport control.

– You must obtain formal confirmation from the migration office before filing an appeal against a travel ban enforced by the father of your kid. This information will be delivered to you on a regular basis.

– Then, if necessary, you can take this matter to court and file an appeal. Consider the following subtlety in this situation. A travel schedule for several years should be attached to the statement of claim, along with authorization to visit the nation where you want to go with your kid in the not too distant future. As a result, taking a vacation with your family will no longer need an appearance in court.

– When submitting a statement of claim, include details regarding the child’s travels to other countries. This will help the judge decide in your favor. Perhaps he did more than just go on vacation; perhaps he took part in sporting activities, went to a language camp, or engaged in special health programs. The court places a high value on the child’s ability to continue living his or her current lifestyle following the divorce of his or her parents.

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