Pubs and bars with neon lights in the French Quarter in downtown New Orleans, one of the best foodie cities in the US.

3 Best Foodie Cities in the US

Last Updated on November 26, 2020

Many people travel the world for business reasons. Others travel to escape the stresses of the business world. However, there is a third major reason people take trips to other countries. It’s not to vacation in some tropical paradise or winter wonderland. It’s not to close a deal with an overseas supplier. No, the third thing that leads people to travel is food.

Foodies are people who can’t get enough to fill their appetite. This isn’t referring to someone who is gluttonous for food, and the appetite is not one of actual hunger. Foodies can’t get enough variety of food. They have a hunger for different flavors, textures, and combinations in their meals.

Many foodies take a trip to foreign lands to delight in their native dishes. They love the smells of unknown mixes of spices, herbs, and other local ingredients, and they can’t wait for the next exciting food experience. Nonetheless, not everyone can afford traveling to other continents to satisfy their cravings. Luckily, there are some foodie cities in the United States that are popular food destinations. Whether you are from the States or someone who has always dreamed of experiencing American food, plan a trip to these cities to partake in the best the country has to offer.

New Orleans


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New Orleans, Louisiana is known for many things. Mardi Gras celebrations and jazz music are deeply embedded in the culture of the city. With a mix of dozens of cultures to draw from, New Orleans has made itself unlike any other city in the world. Well, the cuisine is the same.

TAKEAWAY: Creole food is a blend of the colonizing cultures of the English, French, and Spanish, and includes aspects of traditional Native American and African meals. Jambalaya and gumbo are the most well-known dishes served in New Orleans, but they come with such an array of ingredients you could spend a year here and still not taste them all.

While you’re enjoying the crawfish etouffee in New Orleans, be sure to check out the French Quarter where the history of the city is everywhere, and the architecture will take you back a century. There you will also find one of the best food halls in the US, the French Market. Be sure to try a beignet at Café Du Monde and stay out of the Bayou, unless you want to become a meal for a foodie gator.



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The Windy City is perhaps best known for its Chicago-style deep dish pizza. In fact, the city is locked in a feud with New York City for the title of best pizza in America. But leaving that fight aside, hot dogs are another staple food of Chicago.

More than just a piece of meat dropped into a bun, Chi-Town has perfected the use of hundreds of ingredients in their hot dogs. More than just some mustard or ketchup, Chicago residents slap on the pickles, onions, sauerkraut, lettuce, chicken, ranch dressing, and jalapenos. You may even find the french fries on top of the dog rather than beside it.

Chicago is also home to a variety of European ethnicities that create an interesting blend of dishes. Polish foods such as blintzes and kielbasa are common along with Greek saganaki. Italian cafes, Korean restaurants, and Puerto Rican eateries are concentrated in different areas of the city, allowing you to explore the streets of the town while trying out different dishes with a twist.

The city also has a rich history. In the streets of Chicago, gangsters feuded for control during Prohibition while Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison fought to illuminate the 1893 World’s Fair. So if you feel like traveling to this foodie city you’ll have plenty to do; just remember to bring some warm clothing.



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For a taste of the South, visit Savannah, Georgia. Here, among the colonial homes and Spanish moss, you will get to enjoy your choice of traditional fried foods or seafood dishes (Savannah is less than an hour from the ocean).

Along with fried chicken, you can sample some fried green tomatoes (popular before the movie of the same name came out back in the 90s), crab stew, shrimp and grits, and of course peaches – the entire state is full of peaches. Some have also said that Savannah hosts the best Jamaican food outside of the Caribbean.

When visiting Savannah, check out the Historic District for a sense of history, local cafe eating, and some shopping. Here, you will also find Forsyth Park, a space reserved for gardens and walking trails. You should also take a trip out to Tybee Island for a bit of fun in the sun on the beach.

As you visit these American foodie cities, be sure to blog about your travels. Let others know which dishes you are trying out and what you think about each meal; describe what ingredients were used that you hadn’t tried before, or what flavors were new to you.

If you are a foodie and you like to travel, combine the two and explore the cuisine of America. If you had never thought about taking trips to experience the dishes of the world, then you should get started. There is so much to taste out there!

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