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How To Eat Like A Local In Rome – Infographic

Are you a foodie visiting Rome or planning a trip to the Eternal City? Then, you are in luck! We, at Travel for Food Hub, have designed an amazing infographic featuring everything you need to know to enjoy the best culinary trip of your life.

With the help of some fabulous Roman hosts from Viz EatEatWith, we have now tons of inside information to make you the best foodie recommendations. And, what’s more, with these tips you won’t fall into popular tourist traps. In fact, with this Travel for Food Hub infographic, you will learn how to eat like a local in Rome. Because that is the best way to appreciate all the different regional flavors this culinary country has to offer.

A list of top must-try Roman dishes

In this infographic we have made a list of the must-try dishes every food lover has to eat while in Rome. From pasta to pizza, we recommend the most authentic Roman meals. You will also find selected primi and secondi dishes. And, of course, we couldn’t leave out some dessert and wine suggestions from EatWith pastry chefs and sommeliers.

A foodie’s map to move around Rome

Moreover, we have prepared a little foodie’s map to help you navigate around the city. We have included the locations of 5 top restaurants in Rome that serve traditional and delicious Italian meals. Furthermore, you can find some of the best-known touristic attractions and a special list of foodie places that offer unique culinary experiences.

TAKEAWAY: But you may now wonder: what if I want to take this map with me? Well, that is easy. We have created this guide through Google Maps, so you can download it and consult it on your phone anytime you want!

A dining protocole checklist: do’s and don’ts

We have established that after reading this infographic you’ll know which dishes to order and where to eat them. However, you should also be aware that there are some things that you should or shouldn’t do when eating in a restaurant in Rome. For example, did you know that pizzas are supposed to be individual? So if you order one, you should be prepared to eat it all on your own. And if you would like to know more, here you can find 5 things to expect when dining in Italy.

The best foodie activities

To end up, we’ll present you with some exciting food-related activities that you can do in Rome. Some of them you can do for free and whenever you’d like. But for some others, you should make an appointment beforehand to ensure that you can be part of it. For instance, if you would like to have a home-cooked meal in the company of foodie travelers like yourself, you should check EatWith’s hosts’ profiles. If you choose to dine with experts Marta & Lavinia, chef Debora Tomeucci, or friends Cristina & Giovanna, you will learn valuable tips and have an authentic culinary experience.

How does all of this sound? Good? Then what are you waiting for to check out Travel for Food Hub’s original infographic? You will definitely eat like a local in Rome. Buon appetito!

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