Serving chicken from a food truck

Serving chicken from a food truck

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Would you like to enter the catering business, but don’t know what to invest in? Try your hand at running a food truck. Street food is great, mobile point of sale has many advantages, and in times when food is ordered mainly to take away – it’s the perfect option!

Who says you can’t conquer the market with crispy, golden-coated chicken served straight from a trendy van? All you have to do is use good ingredients and your nuggets will sell like hotcakes. Or better yet.

Chicken is better than ice cream!

Running a food truck with ice cream is an extremely popular business. The vision of serving ice cream from a van at the entrance to the beach or near a playground in the park is inviting, but it is worth remembering that interest in ice cream is seasonal. It is much more beneficial to invest in the type of food service that is popular regardless of the season.

Everyone loves breaded chicken


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Battered chicken is a dish that not only sells well in both winter and summer, but caters to a wide range of street food lovers. Kids love nuggets, while adults will be happy to get a burger or chicken wrap. For those who want to eat more fit you can offer salad with chicken pieces. Fried chicken coating gives many possibilities. And it’s easy to prepare.

Here is a list of ideas for your food truck menu:

  1. a bucket of breaded chicken pieces
  2. chicken tortilla
  3. chicken burger
  4. chicken salad
  5. nuggets, fries and salad

A chicken coating mix that everyone loves

All you need is good meat, marinade and ready coating for nuggets. Fried chicken coating dedicated for catering will allow you to prepare chicken in a quick and easy way, which could compete with the one served at KFC. Ready-made product is a guarantee of repeatable effect and time savings. Learning professional breading will take you only a few moments and make your chicken juicy and flavorful, and its coating will be golden, crispy and appetizingly jagged. With high quality products you will create a menu that will arouse the appetite of small and large. In the city, in the park, by the beach.

Necessary equipment food truck

What should you equip your food truck, if you want to serve dishes based on breaded chicken? First of all you will need a deep fryer and a toaster. It is important that your food truck has a working fridge and access to water, so you can maintain sanitary regime more easily.

Attractive takeaway packaging

Since you will be serving takeaway food, it is important that you stock up on catering packaging. You will definitely need fries container, chicken buckets, kit boxes, french box and burger boxes. When choosing packaging, make sure that it is not only sturdy, durable, and resistant to damage, but also aesthetically pleasing. How your food will look in it really matters. Attractive visual form of packaging is an excellent advertisement. So use this space for marketing activities and put on the packaging the logo of your food truck, seal or stick a nice sticker.

Read more about chicken coating on Holly Powder website.


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