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5 Travel Tips For Every Los Angeles Visitor

Last Updated on March 28, 2023

The City of Angels offers the entire package of famous people, authentic cuisines and sights to see. Los Angeles has been dubbed one of the best cities to live in the world because they’re just that good. Although you’re not a basketball fan, you might have heard about the Los Angeles Laker team. It’s not just the sense of pride and support for their city, it’s about the history and the future in the making. But before you jump on the hype train, here are some tips for Classic Experiences you need to know before visiting LA.

1. Rent a car

LA is massive but not necessarily maze-like complicated. Although Uber or Grab is a great option, it doesn’t quite fit the intimacy you would feel driving about with your friends and family. Plus, you can leave anytime you want without waiting or worry about safety with strangers. There are a ton of rental cars around and you can use the GPS to navigate through the cities. If you don’t plan on travelling far, then their electrical bikes for rent are the best option.

2. Full or half-day tours

If it is your first time in the city and you have no prior planning, then you might want to go for the full or half-day tours. These tours are already cheap as it is, and it allows you to select which areas you’re interested to go to. They come with unique travel options such as a luxurious SUV, electric biking by the beach and even a sidecar motorcycle ride. So, you can spend an entire day going through the tour and navigate your way back to the spots you would like for the remainder of your trip. Who knows, you might run into celebrities in these regular hotspots.

3. Foodie options

If you’ve got a picky eater or due to religious preferences, then it is best to plan ahead. Los Angeles is crowded with many foodies and artisans, which you can easily find on Travel for Food Hub’s articles about LA Food. Fret not, they’re sure to provide you with the best options, details and reviews for your diets.

4. Bring your own shopping bag

Since January 2014, Los Angeles has passed a law on reducing or removing plastic waste from supermarkets and grocers. You’ll be charged if you do need a plastic bag. So it’s best to practice bringing reusable bags since it saves you money and it is more environmentally friendly.

5. Thrift stores and cheap clothing

In Los Angeles, fashion trends vary and shifts rather quickly. You’ll find some of the quirkiest clothes that you wouldn’t believe they would wear out in public. Perhaps if you’re lucky enough, you might just find that some trends match your personal taste.

That’s it folks! There are a ton more things to take note off, but I personally follow these as guides to plan my trips around the world. Travel options, cheap tours, where to eat, shopping and thrifty souvenirs to get for myself, family and friends. If you feel this article has been of great help, go ahead and share it.

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