Roasted beans and a cup of coffee, waiting for their perfect coffee pairings

Coffee Pairings Around The World – Infographic

With a wide range of bean varieties and roasting techniques, different types of coffee have unique flavor profiles that compliment many kinds of savory foods, sweet pastries, and desserts. Being an ancient beverage largely consumed in most countries around the world, many cultures have had plenty of time to perfect this drink to enhance its flavor. Therefore, from Latin American …

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Group of young friends sailing for exotic cuisines and eating on deck

Sailing for Exotic Cuisines Around the World

When it’s finally high time to take a well-deserved holiday and treat yourself and loved ones to a magical retreat, there is no better way to do it than to sail across the world. The feeling of casting sails in the open waters leaving behind the incessant turmoil of city life is simply liberating. The sights in major destinations will …

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Assortment of Middle Eastern or Arabic Halal foods on concrete rustic background.

5 Delicious Halal Foods To Travel For

One of the most pleasing things I have ever heard is that one can never act well, stay well, sleep well or enjoy well if they have not dined well. I believe that whoever wrote this knew that there would come a time when people would start searching for new foods and ways of eating that were more respectful of …

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Food Packaging Ideas for Travelers

5 Great Food Packaging Ideas for Travelers

Packing food with you while you travel is essential, in particular, when you are going to travel for a long period. One of the main reasons for packing foods includes vulnerability to food allergy or sensitivity or fear of food poisoning. It is, then, essential to pack home-made food instead of eating from local restaurants. In contrast, when you travel …

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Grilled beef steak with grilled vegetables on serving board block after being prepared on cooking grills.

Types of Cooking Grills You Must Know about

Having a cooking grill can help us make a number of amazing dishes at home. And if you look for grills, you would find so many options that you would only be more confused as to which one to buy. If you’re buying a grill for the first time or planning to replace your older cooking grill with a new …

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Buy international foods. Mexican green enchiladas with guacamole and sauces on colorful table.

3 Best Ways to Buy International Foods

Every foodie dreams about having the chance to travel to other cities, countries or continents to try new flavors and discover the most peculiar local foods and ingredients. Some of them may even have a bucket list of exotic places and popular dishes they would love to try. However, sometimes life happens and those dreams of travel get postponed indefinitely. …

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Three Asian chefs cooking some national dishes from all over the world in a restaurant kitchen.

8 National Dishes You Need To Try

Whilst traveling, you’re likely to come across some very weird and wonderful food combinations. Whether you’re choosing cheap and cheerful or opting for dishes that are a little fancier, discovering food in other countries is an experience in itself. But trying a country’s national dish can often take traveling to a whole new level. You can tell a lot about …

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Four rustic glasses with colorful international summer drinks.

6 International Summer Drinks to Beat The Heat

Summer brings along an unrelenting desire for cold drinks that can minimize the effects of heat. Who hasn’t dreamt of having a refreshing pint while vacationing in some of the best beer cities in the world? We all look to grab something to drink every now and then to sail through the hot daytime. Due to a high amount of …

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Weird And Wonderful Foods Around The World

7 Weird And Wonderful Foods Around The World

You can’t travel without trying out the local food. And most of the time you will find a delicious dish that you can enjoy and think of fondly when you are back home battling with wanderlust. However, aside from delicious curries, authentic pizzas, and tasty tapas, there are some dishes that are a little more unusual. If you are a …

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Pastrami sandwiches from Katz’s Delicatessen, one of the most iconic movie restaurants in NYC

5 Iconic Movie Restaurants Around The World

Have you ever been watching a film and seen an amazing restaurant that you’d love to eat at? Or stared in envy as your favourite film stars devour a delicious-looking dessert? Unfortunately, most of these places don’t exist, and a lot of the food we see in films has been created just for a movie scene. Nevertheless, there are a …

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