6 Things to Know About The Real German Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is celebrated in many different places all over the world. Most of these celebrations consist of drinking a lot of beer and maybe eating some traditional German food in the final few warm days before fall comes in full force. Nonetheless, the real German Oktoberfest is a cultural celebration that goes back over two hundred years! Oktoberfest is celebrated …

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London street food markets

Ultimate Map to London Street Food Markets – Free Download

Did you know there are over 25 Street Food Markets in London? Download your free Map to London Street Food Markets and become a street food pro with Travel for Food Hub! Take with you this visual map pdf which includes: Market locations on a tube map Opening hours Street Food recommendations And much more! Other related articles: 5 of London’s Most Influential …

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Italian ingredients

7 Basic Ingredients of Traditional Italian Food

As everybody knows, Italian cuisine is one of the most famous and preferred in the world. Maybe it is because Italians love their food and transmit that love and passion into its preparation. However, the secret to their success is the ingredients that they use, where the main character is the freshness and how they cultivate and prepare it. Most …

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cheese fondue

Fondue 101: the Culture and Etiquette Behind the Swiss Specialty

A quick game of word association: I say “Swiss dish of rich, velvety, cheesy heaven”, you say?… If you said anything other than fondue,  I think you might need to book your plane ticket right now.  Wherever you go in beautiful Switzerland, this dish is impossible to miss, and even more impossible to forget. But before diving in bread-first, it’s helpful …

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danish foods

5 Danish Foods You Really Need To Try

You find yourself in Denmark – probably Copenhagen – and you are looking for local food. What do you need to eat when you don’t want to look like a tourist? Or, in other words, how to eat like a real Dane? Smørrebrød Una publicación compartida de Sebastian Perez (@chef_seabones) el 12 de Jul de 2017 a la(s) 7:29 PDT …

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Sankt Hans Aften

How To Celebrate Sankt Hans Aften Like A Real Dane

Midsummer Night is an event that goes by virtually unnoticed in Belgium. This is certainly not the case in Denmark, where Sankt Hans Aften as it is called, is one of the major celebrations of the year. By the way, Sankt Hans Aften means St John’s Eve and is celebrated on 23 June. This tradition dates from the time of …

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greek food bloggers

7 Greek Food Bloggers To Follow

Nowadays, Greek cuisine still has grounded roots from the foundation of ancient Greece. These dishes are full of bold flavors and textures that will surely make you want leftovers. Craving Mediterranean food? Check out what these Greek chefs are cooking in this list of delicious blogs. Lemon and Olives Una publicación compartida de Lemon & Olives (@lemonandolives) el 21 de …

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belgian desserts

5 Belgian Desserts You Simply Cannot Live Without

When you hear the name “Belgium”, you may automatically think about chocolates and waffles. But guess what? If you do have a sweet tooth – and let’s face it, most of us do! – Belgium has some delicious desserts to offer. So, go and indulge yourself! 1. Dame Blanche Una publicación compartida de noellvandreven (@noellvandreven) el 21 de Ago de …

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Brussels Instagrammers

5 Brussels’ Instagrammers To Keep Your Eye On

Today, I introduce you to 5 Brussels Instagrammers that have the capital of Belgium as their main subject. Both official organizations and private Instagrammers made it to my list. We Love Brussels A post shared by Brussels | Bruxelles | Brussel (@welovebrussels) on May 17, 2017 at 1:07am PDT We Love Brussels is a creative magazine and a digital community …

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food festivals in Greece

8 Food Festivals You Can’t Miss In Greece

Every year, locals celebrate healthy and flavorful foods at food festivals in Greece and the Mediterranean area. This list introduces some events which are specifically dedicated to Greek ingredients. This elements are popular in Mediterranean diets and offer diversity for many delicious meals. Lentils Festival Every year, on the day before Agios Donatos, the Lentil Festival is celebrated in the mountain …

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