best restaurants in London

How To Find The Best Restaurants In London

From elegant restaurants that offer all kinds of international cuisine, to cheap dishes to take away. You will surely find the perfect dish for your palate at any of the popular restaurants in London. Each neighbourhood has its own speciality and we will help you find the best restaurants in London. There are restaurants with unique architectural styles, with the best …

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Cheesy pizza slice from the best pizza party in London

The Biggest Pizza Party in London: Ciro’s Pizza Pomodoro

Life has taken me to London more in the last five months than over the last five years. No matter where I am, I’m always in search of good Italian food and an energetic atmosphere. And, I happened to find the greatest combination of both tucked away in a basement on a side street just a few short blocks from …

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Homemade basket of Russian eats (pirogi) filled with eggs and green onion.

7 Russian Eats For a Traveler On-The-Go

This summer of 2018 the FIFA World Cup is headed to Russia. There will be games in the westernmost city of Kaliningrad and as far east as Yekaterinburg. These cities are over 2,000 miles apart. While it’s only a three-hour plane ride, many traveling through Russia opt for trains. Not only are trains less expensive, but they also carry a …

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local food in the UK

Where To Find The Best Local Food In The UK

British cuisine hasn’t always been famous for its finesse. Rationing in the 40s and 50s left us very little to cook with. And unfortunately cemented the idea that the Brits simply aren’t that creative in the kitchen. Thankfully, the days of rationing and over-boiled veg are long gone and the UK now offers a veritable feast of fine cuisine. If …

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Aerial view of some of the trendy restaurants in Glasgow, Scotland.

6 Trendy Restaurants in Glasgow for Food Lovers

Glasgow is becoming a hidden gem of evolving food hubs. This fantastic city that is thriving with history, culture and arts is climbing up on the foodie ladder. Though it has never typically been known for its dining reputation other than chippies and renowned Indian cuisine, Glasgow has surprised locals and visitors with its recent influx of delicious dining options. …

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Shaverma is a typical Russian dish. Learn how to eat like a russian gipster.

How to Eat Like a Russian Gipster in St. Petersburg

Sorry Moscow, St. Petersburg was and is the cultural capital of Russia. You can’t beat the brilliant pink, yellow, and blue buildings that line every street in the center. On top of that, there are countless famous churches, canals, statues, museums, and literary spots scattered about. In contrast to all these famous, old sites, St. Petersburg has a vibrant hipster …

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Goulash, one of the most famous hot Eastern European foods

7 Hot Eastern European Foods To Keep You Warm In Winter

It is a shame that Eastern Europe is often overlooked when it comes to food. No one knows how to handle cold, dark, long winters quite like those from the harsh climate of North-Eastern Europe. Even if the weather isn’t freezing or snowy, winter can get very dark. So, there are many hot Eastern European foods to warm everyone up. All …

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Holiday Treats from the Amsterdam Christmas Markets

5 Holiday Treats from the Amsterdam Christmas Markets

On the second Sunday of November, the Netherlands is visited by a beloved figure known the world over. Sinterklaas (aka Saint Nicholas) sails into Haarlem from Spain to ring in Christmas, spreading happiness and cheer for everyone. Amsterdam is a 15-minute train ride from Haarlem and is a popular spot for its scenery and Christmas Markets. These markets throughout Europe …

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antipasti platters

Antipasti 101: How to serve the best Antipasti Platters

The list of Italian contributions to history is manifold, but somehow culinary ones are neglected by most people. The antipasti are part of that trail of enduring gifts from Italy to the world. In fact, the preparation of authentic antipasti is as distinctly varied as the history of the great country that it comes from. Literally meaning ‘before the meal,’ the antipasti …

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eat like a local in Rome

How To Eat Like A Local In Rome – Infographic

Are you a foodie visiting Rome or planning a trip to the Eternal City? Then, you are in luck! We, at Travel for Food Hub, have designed an amazing infographic featuring everything you need to know to eat like a local in Rome. With the help of some fabulous Roman hosts from EatWith, we have now tons of inside information …

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