Food Markets in Rome

7 Best Food Markets in Rome for Food Lovers

Food markets offer the chance to see the most vital and genuine part of a city. Among the food stalls, you can find quality local products that are difficult or impossible to find in large supermarket chains. The food markets in Rome are certainly among the most vibrant in Europe. The sympathy of the Roman traders is indeed very famous and …

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antipasti platters

Antipasti 101: How to serve the best Antipasti Platters

The list of Italian contributions to history is manifold, but somehow culinary ones are neglected by most people. The antipasti are part of that trail of enduring gifts from Italy to the world. In fact, the preparation of authentic antipasti is as distinctly varied as the history of the great country that it comes from. Literally meaning ‘before the meal,’ the antipasti …

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eat like a local in Rome

How To Eat Like A Local In Rome – Infographic

Are you a foodie visiting Rome or planning a trip to the Eternal City? Then, you are in luck! We, at Travel for Food Hub, have designed an amazing infographic featuring everything you need to know to eat like a local in Rome. With the help of some fabulous Roman hosts from EatWith, we have now tons of inside information …

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Italian ingredients

7 Basic Ingredients of Traditional Italian Food

As everybody knows, Italian cuisine is one of the most famous and preferred in the world. Maybe it is because Italians love their food and transmit that love and passion into its preparation. However, the secret to their success is the ingredients that they use, where the main character is the freshness and how they cultivate and prepare it. Most …

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italian food destinations

7 Must-Visit Italian Food Destinations

Italy has countless draws and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Not only is the history rich, and sights breathtaking, but the cuisine is just as divine. These hand-picked Italian food destinations are must-visits on your itinerary! Wine Una publicación compartida de Corrado Massa®WineInfluencer (@enotecasocial_3k) el Mar 9, 2018 at 1:56 PST Take a wine tour while …

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dining in Italy

5 Things To Expect When Dining In Italy

Italy has a renowned reputation for its expertise in food and beverage, from their myriad of freshly made pasta, to being in the elite crest of wine-producing countries, Italy’s indulgent cuisine is something you cannot pass up! But if you’re traveling to Italy for the first time, there may be some restaurant customs that tourists aren’t used to. These tips will …

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