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Dates and other delicious dishes from Dubai for an iftar meal

10 Most Delicious Dishes From Dubai

Dubai is among one of the finest spots to enjoy vacations. It attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists from all around the world since it offers a vast variety of experiences and places to see. Among all such activities, tasting the mouthwatering dishes from Dubai can prove to …

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african cuisine

6 Things You Don’t Know About African Cuisine

There are so many reasons to visit Africa, from the amazing safari adventures, where you can see animals such as lions and elephants up close, to the incredibly diverse landscapes which you can explore on foot, bike, boat or even hot air balloon! However, one big draw, that you might …

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A great example of Moroccan cuisine: couscous and mint tea.

5 Things You Don’t Know About Moroccan Cuisine

Travel and food have a very close relationship. If you love food, you’ll go to many different places, and if you love traveling, you’ll eventually come across spice-laden food in every corner of the world. Are you looking for a foodie’s kind of adventure? Give a chance to the mesmerizing …

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Rainbow over Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, a must stop during a foodie's day in Harare.

A Guide For A Complete Foodie’s Day in Harare, Zimbabwe

Whenever people come to Zimbabwe, the obvious destination is the Victoria Falls. These are a must-see for anyone travelling to this part of the world. However, the food options near the waterfalls are fairly limited. In such a small town, there are only so many places you can go. Harare, …

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An example of African breakfast recipes: grilled tilapia and chili plantains.

3 African Breakfast Recipes for Food Lovers

Before diving into the most delicious African breakfast recipes, it’s worth mentioning that for many, breakfast isn’t a time for creativity and exploration in the kitchen. Instead, it has become something to be dreaded and feared, as if there is something inherently evil about cooking in the early hours of …

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Variety of traditional Turkish dishes such as Turkish pizza, meat kebab, pita, bulgur and hummus.

10 Lip-Smacking Turkish Dishes You Must Try

Done with packing your rucksacks? Is anything left? One last time reconsider your checklist. Clothes? Done! Medicines? Done! Study work on best places to visit in Turkey? Done! Research on tasting some finger-licking dishes of Turkey? No, this is not done! Not yet! But don’t worry, I am right here …

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5 kinds of raw Black Angus Prime meat steak in Abu Dhabi

4 Great Tips to Enjoy Steak in Abu Dhabi

Few dishes rival a steak dinner. A perfectly cooked steak in Abu Dhabi can make anybody’s, not day, but week. But achieving that result requires dedication and patience. Such diligence will produce a beautiful slab of beef that is deliciously indulgent, full of irresistible flavor, and undeniably succulent. But if …

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Best Foods To Try in Cyprus

6 Foods You Should Try in Cyprus

The mixture of Greek, Turkish and Italian influences has turned Cypriot cuisine into the perfect showcase of delicious Mediterranean gastronomy. The cuisine of Cyprus stands out for the intensity of its aroma, its color, and its flavor. All food lovers should visit the island to  find out about the best foods to try in …

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Tharid, one of the traditional Yemeni dishes, made of pieces of flat bread filled with meat and vegetables

8 Must-try Delicious Yemeni Dishes

Yemen, located on the south-eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, is a rugged, mountainous, yet strikingly beautiful country with a very rich history. Much of the modern world owes a debt of gratitude to Yemen since it was here where coffee originated! TAKEAWAY: The first traders that bought coffee bought …

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Tray with traditional Moroccan mint tea, ready for an afternoon snack.

The Scoop on Moroccan Mint Tea

Every morning in Morocco starts with a hot cup of tea. At noon comes another, and a final glass (along with an assortment of treats) caps off the evening. This beverage is everywhere in Morocco. The most famous, and most popular kind is Moroccan mint tea. It is sweet and …

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